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Prop Masters R/C Aero is a club dedicated to building and flying R/C airplanes. The club is based out of the area around; Naperville Illinois and meets monthly on the last Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM. The club meettings are held at Community Methodist Church in Naperville Illinois. 

The club flies at the Springbrook Prairie flying field and has a Fun-Fly the Sunday following the monthly meeting. Feel free to stop by when you're in the area. Prop Masters also provides a complete flight instruction program. Visit the flight instruction section for further information.

While you are here you can look at our document library. The library contains the current club newsletter as well as past editions, club documents, forms and tips. This site also has a fine collection of club members airplanes in the picture gallery as well as a number of selected RC links that may be of interest.

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One of those interesting landings

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I had one those interesting landings back in October of 2011 and destroyed my Twist. Well when I got home I resisted the urge to just toss everything, well all the broken bits anyway, in the trash. I usually let a re-kitted model sit for a few days so I don’t feel so bad about losing it before salvaging it for parts. A few days later, I went back and began going through the wreckage. The wing and tail feathers looked perfect, but the fuselage had exploded on impact. I began to remove; perhaps salvage is a better word, all of the usable components like engine, electronics and such from the carnage. I cut the tail section from the fuselage just at the point where the tail and stab meet. I thought about making a plaque with just the tail, sort of like a trophy. I saved the tail section from my Tiger 400 with the same intention. It’s still hanging from a peg on the wall in my shop since March of 2008 when I crashed it, (another uncompleted project). Too many projects, not enough time? Just getting old and lazy? Too attached to things? Take your pick. After salvaging the parts I placed the debris in a garbage bag and waited for “Garbage Pick-Up Day”.

When salvaging parts, don’t forget to have the receiver checked out by the manufacturer. I checked out my Airtronics 92824 receiver and it looked OK to me. But for a small fee and the shipping charges I sent it back to Airtronics with a note saying that the receiver was in a model that had crashed. About a week later the receiver was returned with a note saying that everything checked out OK.

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