One of the great advantages of belonging to a club is the vast amount of information that is available to all of the membership. The ability to learn and exchange information is, after all, one of the big reasons for joining a club in the first place. This is not only true for R/C flying, but also any other sport, hobby club, or other organization.

We Prop Masters have several avenues available for getting and exchanging information. One is the club library. Check with Dave Carlson, he’s our new librarian, at our monthly meeting for a list of available items. I believe he has videos, DVD’s and even books. There is usually a $5 deposit. This deposit is refunded when the item is returned so viewing is free. Where else can you “rent” a video for a month at no charge? For more information on just what is available contact Dave Carlson.

Dave also has our flight simulator available. I believe it’s the Great Planes “Real-Flight-II”. I’m not sure what the details of the rental are but if you don’t have your own, try ours for a month. The nice thing about a flight simulator is that you can practice those fancy new maneuvers and if you crash you just push the RESET button and your back in business.

One of the best ways to get information is simply to ask. Someone in the club has probably experienced your “problem”. And I’m sure they would be happy to tell you what they did to resolve it. If nothing else they can tell you what didn’t fix the problem and thus eliminate some wasted effort. The membership is a wealth of knowledge on almost every aspect of R/C flying. If you’re a new member don’t be afraid to ask any of the members for help. If one member doesn’t know the answer he knows who does and will be happy to introduce you to the person with the answer.

Occasionally club members also present “How To” demonstrations at the meetings. We haven’t had any of these for a while but when we did they were great. We have had the following presentations in the past: molding your own
fiberglass parts, breaking in a new engine, propeller selection and balancing, and covering demos just to name a few. These demos were one of Bob’s favorites. I talked with him recently and it looks like they’re going to make a comeback. So check your newsletter for upcoming events.

Let’s not forget the monthly newsletter “Plane Talk”. This is also a great source of technical information, club news and events. Our newsletter has grown tremendously. When I started the average issue of “Plane Talk” was perhaps four pages of one or two paragraph articles with the remainder being cartoons about flying. Now we have “how to” articles, articles on trips the members took to events or other flying sites. We have articles on club projects, the upcoming Fun-Fly event, field improvements and the results of the previous month’s Fun-Fly. And don’t forget all of the photos of the members and their models.

Information is not just available at the club meetings. If you’re at the field and having a problem, again just ask one of the club members for help. Engine won’t start? Engine quits just after takeoff? Whatever the question, I’m sure we have an answer. Probably more than one too! The same is true if you need help learning to fly a maneuver or just what that maneuver is. I know it’s hard to believe that some folks don’t know their Immelmann from a Humpty-Bump but it’s true. Don’t be too embarrassed to ask. There is no such thing as a “Dumb Question”. We were all beginners at one time or another. We all had to ask somebody for help at sometime.

Don’t forget if you are a club member, you have access to the club roster. The club roster contains the phone numbers or Email addresses of the members. If you have a problem or question you can also just call or Email. The newsletter also lists the numbers of instructors and club officers. So there you have it. That great wealth of knowledge is available to all. Just one more advantage of being a Prop Master.

Fly Smart and Fly Safe, Larry Dudkowski